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Black Lax Culture



1. We will end every practice with the cheer “Go Black Lax, Have Fun”- Why? Because FUN is our first priority.

  • No goals or dreams will be accomplished if the player is not having fun during the process.
  • Organized sports are not worth playing if you are not having fun while learning, growing and becoming a better player.

2. We will provide the players with the best possible coaching in the area.

  • Every coach will be screened and hand picked by Coach Black.
  • Every coach will give you as much of their knowledge of the game in whatever allotted time they have with you.
  • The coaches will be fully trusted by Black Lax and should be fully trusted by each player and parent of Black Lax as well.

3. We will Stay Positive, no matter what the circumstances

  • Officials will make bad calls, we will play teams that are much better than us, we will play teams that are much worse than us, no matter what though, we will stay positive and learn everything we can from each opportunity we are given.
  • We will not complain about things that we cannot control: i.e. weather, officials, opponents, tournament structures, etc.

4. We will know that this is an equal opportunity Team

  • Every player will play equal time, unless there is a refusal to play a certain position. (I.e. we will tend to have more attackers on the team, so low attack players will sit more than a player willing to be a low defender. Also, a gk may play the whole game if we only have one)

5. We will always do what is best for the TEAM!!!!

  • If the team needs a player to play a position that the player is not used to, that player shall try it with a smile.
  • If the team needs all players at the practices leading up to the game, the player shall do everything in their power to be at that practice.
  • If the team needs all players to work harder, practice on their own time and be a student of the game, the players shall do their best to be those things for their teammates.

6. Everyone will Respect EVERYONE else.

  • Everyone does not have to be best friends with everyone else, but no matter what school, town or team you are from, when you step onto the Black Lax field, we are ONE. We are FAMILY!

7. We will Always Compete to the Best of our Ability.

  • Being a new team is tough and there will be a lot of ups and downs as we get started. We will stay the course, play hard, have fun while doing it and always do the best we can.

8. Winning is AWESOME, but that is NOT the main reason we are here.

  • We are here to get better, grow as players and as people, and love being a part of a team.
  • We are here to soak up the knowledge of our coaches.
  • We are here to earn game experience by playing at the top level.
  • We are here to travel the country and play all types of opponents
  • We are here to gain exposure from college coaches while we play the game we love.
  • We are here to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
  • We are here to learn life lessons through sport.

9. Complaining will not be accepted in this program.

  • Life is too short, we are here to have fun, play hard, learn the sport of lacrosse and have a smile on our faces!

Live, Love, Lax!

“The Strength of the Team is Each Individual Member. The Strength of Each Member is the TEAM!” –Phil Jackson

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